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NUTRI Enters into Partnership with Korea's Largest Enteral Nutrition(EN)
Manufacturer to Promote Its EN Business, Including the First Semi-solid EN in Korea


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NUTRI Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Yokkaichi-shi, Mie; Eiji Takemasa, President & CEO; hereinafter "NUTRI"), a developer, manufacturer, and seller of nutritional support foods, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for strategic partnership (hereinafter, "MOU") with DAESANG Wellife (headquartered in Seoul Special City and represented by Hoonkyo Seo; hereinafter, "DAESANG Wellife"), a large market-share holder in Korea's EN market, on August 21, 2023 for the purpose of creating new business opportunities in Korea's EN market.
Pursuant to the signed MOU, the companies plan to discuss, among other things, export to and production in Korea of products, mainly semi-solid EN for gastric tube feeding. The partners intend to promote new business in the future, including the first semi-solid EN in Korea.

While the EN is widespread in Japan's medical settings, there have been cases where it faced challenges such as complications or mental and/or physical burdens on patients. This has drawn attention to semi-solid EN for gastric tube feeding, which will contribute to the reduction of gastroesophageal reflux and diarrhea. NUTRI holds a 40% share*1in the Japanese semi-solid EN food market. The company also sells medical devices to facilitate administration of this food. Furthermore, NUTRI has pursued efforts to promote awareness of the "semi-solidification" of EN, through nutrition-related academic meetings and other forums.
In Korea, 34 million bags of EN are used annually, approximately 25% of which have been associated with diarrheal symptoms.*2 Korea's demand for semi-solid EN that is expected to reduce the burden on patients is estimated to be at 4.6 million bags.*3 DAESANG Wellife is a company with strengths in manufacturing technology, the capability of selling to hospitals, and brand power in the area of EN, including NUCARE. The MOU was signed in order to meet a wide range of medical needs and to create new values through the companies' cooperation.

*1: Yano Research Institute. *2: Data from the Korean Statistical Information Service. *3: Based on research by NUTRI.

NUTRI's Efforts in Korea
In November 2018, NUTRI opened a Korean branch in Seoul Special City, Korea. Since 2019, NUTRI has contributed, through swallowing-related scientific societies in Korea, to the establishment of diagnostic, therapeutic, and care methods for dysphagia and to the development of guidelines for the standardization of medical care for the disease, as well as working to gain awareness of and spread the use of the swallowing assisting food "softia" series, which is intended to prevent aspiration in persons with dysphagia.
At the end of September 2022, NUTRI started the sale of food thickener REF-P1 to hospitals in Korea, through DAESANG life science (currently DAESANG Wellife).

About DAESANG Wellife
Established in 1956, DAESANG Wellife is an affiliated company of Daesang Corporation, the largest general food company in Korea. DAESANG Wellife has grown through its high-added value total health business, such as health functional food products and health-related services. DAESANG Wellife holds a large share in Korea's EN market, owing to its EN NUCARE, among other products.

About NUTRI Co., Ltd
NUTRI is a healthcare company developing, manufacturing, and selling nutrition supplements, swallowing assisting food, and enteral nutrition(EN) for the general public, including for medical and nursing care use. Established in 1963, NUTRI joined the Mitsui DM Sugar Group in 2014 and became a 100%-owned subsidiary of Mitsui DM Sugar in 2022.
In the area of nutrition supplements, NUTRI's V CRESC CP 10 Containing Collagen Peptide 10,000 mg has been authorized to be labeled as "individually evaluated food for persons with medical conditions," owing to its recognition as food that can be used in dietary therapy for persons with pressure sores. This product has enhanced the awareness of nutritional support foods. In the area of swallowing assisting food, NUTRI has manufactured, at its own plants, thickeners and jellification agents used in foods for persons with difficulty swallowing, and has acquired the largest number of authorizations of foods for people with dysphagia, a type of food for special dietary uses, among companies in Japan. In the area of EN, NUTRI has developed products intended to resolve various problems in tube-feeding management, through such efforts as the development of Japan's first dual-use paper containers, which can be used in both oral and tube feeding. Furthermore, NUTRI has expanded its product lineup by taking over a nutritional food business from Terumo Corporation in December 2022.
With its mission of pursuing new possibilities of nutritional therapy, NUTRI intends to support nutritional therapy in Japan through cooperation with medical institutions and nursing care and welfare facilities and aims to contribute to the improvement of QOL and meet the medical needs of as many people as possible and to support people engaged in medical and nursing care, through product development.

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