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Softia U

Food texturizer to produce smooth rice porridge jelly
Food texturizer to produce smooth rice porridge jelly very easily just by pouring Softia U onto hot rice porridge and tossing it in the blender.
Nutritional support for

・Patients with swallowing disorders

Physical Property
  • Product Form
    Stick-type Pack
  • Product Form
    Standing Zipper Pouch

Softia U


  • Solidifies at 70℃;no cooling required. Kept in freezer.
  • Ensures jellification with minimum amount used.
  • Resistant to temperature changes and the passage of time. It can be heated up to 65℃ in a meal service cart.

Nutritional Information

Softia U (100g)
Calories 289kcal
Protein 4.8g
Fat 0g
Sugars 46.0g
Dietary fiber 42.7g
Sodium 276mg

Product Information

Softia U
Serving Size, Servings per Case Stick-type Pack: 3 g x 30 Packs x 10 Bags/Case
500 g: 500 g x 12 boxs /Case
Ingredients Dextrin,Polysaccharide Thickener,Enzyme
Storage Avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture
Best-before Date 1 year after the day of manufacture