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Nyucal Kouso + Zn

Tasty and easy supplementation of calcium and zinc
Calcium, zinc and vitamins A and D are supplemented by simply adding this product to rice before cooking the rice.
Nutritional support for

・Patients with calcium and zinc deficiency

Physical Property
  • Product Form
    Individual Pack
  • Product Form
    Standing Zipper Pouch



  • Nutrients lacking in a diet can be supplemented through a daily serving of rice.
  • No change to the taste or color of the rice serving.
  • Can also be added to miso soup, rice porridge and other side dishes.
  • Nyucal Kouso + Zn Fe-enriched and Vitamins B1 and B2-enriched types are also available.

Nutritional Information

Nyucal Kouso + Zn (100g)
Calories 260kcal
Protein 0g
Fat 0g
Sugars 64g
Dietary fiber 2g
Sodium 12mg
Calcium 7,000mg
Potassium 5mg
Vitamin A 6,000μg
Vitamin D3 500μg

Product Information

Nyucal Kouso + Zn
Serving Size, Servings per Case 50 g x 200 Packs/Case, 100 g x 100 Packs/Case, 1 kg x 10 Bags/Case
Ingredients Dextrin,Calcium Lactate,Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin D,Enzyme,Vitamin A