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NUTRI has implemented stringent
measures to tackle environmental issues.

Since its foundation, NUTRI has always made a social contribution. In recent years, the company has geared up its measures to tackle environmental issues.
In 2007, NUTRI installed 1,080 solar panels over an area of approximately 120 square meters on the roof of its head office plant, as part of a joint field testing project of new solar power generation technologies, with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

  • Overview of the system

    Overview of the system

    This serves as an effective tool to have people understand the usefulness of a solar power generation system to visitors to our head office plant. Individual members of our company have also become sensitive to lighting in unused rooms, temperature setting for air conditioning, etc.
    We will continue to tackle environmental issues, further advocate this system to promote natural energy resources, and leverage it as a tool to communicate with local residents regarding global warming and the importance of protecting the global environment.