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We lead the future of food with our evidence-based products.
NUTRI’s mission is the pursuit of new possibilities for nutritional therapy.

For any disease, direct intervention using pharmaceutical products and surgical operations is of great importance, and expectations are high for their future medical development.

In the meantime, continuing aging of the society is expected in Japan, and an increasing portion of the Japanese population is having complex and chronic diseases. This is why the need for nutritional therapy is escalating to provide comprehensive therapeutic support, from the preventive through the prognostic stages.

“Nutritional therapy” refers to a therapeutical approach that pursues restoration and maintenance of health through the intake of appropriate nutrition.
NUTRI constantly re-interprets nutritional therapy from new perspectives, instead of clinging to a traditional viewpoint of nutritional supplements.
We at NUTRI thus seek to address increasingly diverse and complex therapeutic needs through evidence-based product development.

For any human beings, “eating” is one of their greatest joys of life - this is our faith at NUTRI.
Our mission is to lead the future of food at medical institutions and long-term care facilities,
toward a society where all its members are smiling.