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Considering Contributions to the Patients In front of Us

Since our founding, we have endeavored to promote nutritional therapies unique to NUTRI in the fields of medical treatment and long-term care

As a good partner to everyone working in medical and long-term care facilities, we have actively promoted proposals on nutritional therapies suit the needs of patients, provision of various nutritional therapeutic foods in the field of swallowing support, nutritional supplements, and liquid diet, as well as activities to disseminate nutritional therapies as a new medical option with the support of industry groups and academic societies. We have also continued to release new products so that they can lead to selecting the route of administration, determining insufficient nutrient content, and determining the amount of energy.

As an R&D-oriented healthcare company, we must pursue innovation that benefits patients in order to continue contributing to medical treatment and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. To that end, we constantly collaborate with people working in medical and long-term care facilities to create health value unique to Nutri and provide nutritional therapies that meet the needs, without being bound by existing ideas.

Eiji Takemasa, President & CEO