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For newer and healthier nutrition
our challenge and creation never stop.

Nutritional therapy contributes to shorter duration of hospitalization, reduced costs, and improved QOL (Quality of Life) of patients and their families.

Considering the continuing rapid aging of the society in Japan (and other countries) in coming years, it is no exaggeration to say that the dissemination of nutritional therapy is a social requirement. Fifty years of dedication to nutritional therapy in Japan -- We at NUTRI have addressed, and will to address, such escalating expectations for nutritional therapy, with our “outside-the-box” thinking and challenging spirit.
We of course pursue consistency with up-to-date clinical data of all our products, and try to achieve the highest level of reliability possible to reassure our users. We have deployed, and will continue to deploy, preemptive business strategies by collaborating with health care professionals and long-term care personnel to become a company making an even greater social contribution grounded on expertise in nutritional therapy.