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NUTRI’s research, development and manufacturing sites,
and marketing and academic sites across Japan

  • Research and manufacture

    Research and manufacture

    Head office and plant in Yokkaichi
    At the internal research and development section,
    proprietary research, development and manufacturing activities are in progress,
    grounded on forecasted therapeutic needs and future direction of nutritional therapy.
  • Science and support

    Science and support

    Tokyo Branch
    At the academic section of the Tokyo Branch, a new series of products
    and technologies are explored from across Japan and from overseas.
    Members also participate in scientific conferences around the world
    to provide academic support grounded on state-of-the-art findings.
  • Marketing/Sales


    Tokyo Branch
    The staff perform sales calls to medical institutions and welfare facilities, etc.
    The sales staff provide product briefings
    that are consistent with up-to-date findings
    in nutritional therapy from a scientific perspective.
    Nagoya Branch
    The call center has been established for general
    customers to provide a mail order service.
    Our products are sold to medical institutions
    and welfare facilities through dealers.