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Nutri supports healthy living through the development,
manufacture and sales of nutritional support foods.

In Japan, where the aging population issue is advancing rapidly, swallowing support,
nutritional supplements, and liquid diets are three areas of growing medical need.

The significance of these three areas is also growing in every country that will face the issue of an aging population in the future. To provide a more comprehensive method of nutritional therapy, NUTRI is promoting an integrated process from development through manufacturing to marketing of evidence-based products by basing these three areas at its core.
Through the NUTRI product portfolio, we aim to establish new medical and nursing care, and new methods of nutritional therapy.

  • Swallowing support

    Products for Dysphagia

    For people who have dysphagia, or swallowing problems, due to old age or the after-effects of a disease, NUTRI delivers products that support smooth swallowing by improving the texture of food. We are also engaged in promotional activities to enhance public recognition and understanding of dysphagia diets.

  • Nutritional supplements

    Products for Nutritional Care

    Nutrition is of key importance to all people, particularly the elderly, for treatment and maintaining good health. NUTRI aims to draw out the body’s natural ability to heal itself to the maximum extent by supplying on-target nutrients in order to support good health across the board.

  • Nutritional supplements

    Liquid Diet Products

    Liquid diets are a major source of support for people who have difficulties getting enough nutrition due to an illness or a disorder. NUTRI is focused on providing compact, semi-solid, high-calorie sources to create added value, and is determined to increase the QOL (quality of life) of our users.