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Fifty years of dedication to nutritional therapy in Japan -
Here are the president's faith and vision reflected in NUTRI's products.

Wishing for the return of the rich ocean that I remember as a young boy.

The essence of this desire represents the passion for my outlook on life and serves as the driving force in my work.


To love and bless humans and the earth and remain sincere.

It was 3.8 billion years ago that organisms first came into existence.There is something that has been consistently passed on since!


Food can make a difference. Part 1

Fulfilling common but special needs with sincerity.What the power of food can accomplish.


Food can make a difference. Part 2

We deliver products through dedication.


Food can make a difference. Part 3

The start of product development.The result of one simple question.


What a company can do besides conducting business.

Wisdom and ingenuity in making use of the structure as a corporate entity.


Is PEG right or wrong?

The question itself makes very little sense.


“Deviating from common sense stimulates new creations”If this is what we believe, we shouldn’t reject misfits.

I have a confession to make; one that has already passed the statute of limitation.


What is nutritional therapy or medical nutrition?

It is said that humans can die after two weeks without food or drink. What is this life-sustaining act of eating and drinking all about?


Go over the wall !

The meaning of conquering a barrier in the context of life




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